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We would like to thank warmly all the people who got involved into our script development.

The two Readings at La Mama – Courthouse have been a great success thanks to you! Your numerous and valuable comments provided a sturdy base for us to work on during the next few months.

We are incredibly excited, grateful and amazed by the number of people wanting to get involved. It reinforced our conviction the project is relevant for the broader community and it boosted our desire to develop it further.

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There are still a few seats available for you to be involved in our script development @La Mama – Courthouse November 12 & 19 at 7.30pm

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Get involved in a script development!

This is an exciting opportunity to take part in a script development process!

An extract of Gina will be presented followed by a feedback session. We need your thoughts and feelings. We’re seeking feedback on the script and the key issues it’s investigating: the perception of women in power and the Australian identity.

Your comments will be recorded (sound) and might be (anonymously) integrated in the narrative of the final script.

The sessions are FREE. Everyone is welcome!

La Mama Courthouse349 Drummond Street, Carlton 3053

Tuesday, November 12 & 19, 2013


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Gina – the play

photoshoped bum

Are we a nation of misogynists? It all depends on the definition. What is clear is that we have a lot more to say about the personal lives of women who lead than we do about men’s; their clothes, shape, their partners, religion, what they knit. And we always call them by their Christian name. We just don’t like to take them seriously.

Gina is a play about a woman we love to hate! Although we think we have good reasons, if she was a man would we care half as much?

Gina explores how the unprecedented numbers of women in key leadership roles, and how our continual focus on their personality and not their roles has uncovered something in our Australian psyche that impacts the way we view women who lead.

You’ll follow four characters matched in two pairs who live on either side of Australia. They embody the two extremes of Australian identity. And yet, they look very similar and what separates them on stage is only a thin line.

A work in progress will be showing as part of the script development. If you would like to be involved in the uncovering of this idea you can book via Trybooking. Visit our facebook page: ginatheplay

The time is surely right for a look into the way we treat our leading ladies!

Directed by Iris Gaillard
Based on the original idea by Nic Frances Gilley
Script writing / Dramaturgy: Cat Commander
Performed by Jenny Lovell, Nic Frances Gilley
Photography: Nick Kreisler
Photoshop work: David Burrows